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Let’s Create

Unstructured Activities to Encourage Imagination

Launching Saturday 4 May 10 – 11.30 am

Let’s Create is back!

We’re so excited to be launching Let’s Create at Wild Acres on Saturday 4th May 10 – 11.30am!! 

The site will also be open for the Severn Vale Art Trail which is Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th May 2024 10 am – 2 pm. See more about the Severn Vale Trail here. 

From June until September the Let’s Create sessions will be the Second Saturday of the month!

Pay-what- you-can

£3, £4, £5, £6 per child

More info below!

Welcome to Let’s Create… 🎨

Join us every ‘Second Saturday of the Month’ for some young-people-led free play, suitable for toddlers to 15-year-olds, but really anyone can join. 🎈

A chance to take part in a range of unstructured activities, all designed to encourage children and young people to use their imagination. A space that gives freedom for young-people to determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests. It is important to allow the young people to develop through unstructured play, adults can step back, not tidy after them, and try not to make tidiness more important than chaos!
Let’s Create supports the right to play as fundamental to development. 🚀

The Dates for Let’s Create 📅
🌟Launch Event – 4th May (yes we know it’s not the second Saturday, he he)
🌟Saturday 8th June
🌟Saturday 13th July
🌟Saturday 10th August
🌟Saturday 14th September 🎉


Pay-what- you-can

£3, £4, £5, £6 per child.

We also offer a pay-it-forward option so if you are stuck, please get in contact and we will get your young creatives a space.

So, what is Let’s Create… 🤔

Think outdoors with scrap-store materials loose parts, lots of cardboard boxes, plenty of googly eyes, messy play, crafts, feathers, ribbons, toilet rolls, all of the paint 🎨, things and stuff, and tons of fun! Bring your imagination and Let’s Create whatever you want. 🚀

Build a den, hide out amongst the boxes, and create a tower or a ribbon wand 🏰. Try painting with bubble wrap on your elbows… the space is yours for creating. There is total freedom and there is no pressure or prescribed expectations of what anyone should be doing, just pure imagination. Really there are no rules. If a young person wishes to stick a load of pipe cleaners to some fabric or paint a cardboard box yellow for an hour, then let them. The outcome is not important, it is the freedom to explore through creation. We ask adults to step back a little, allow the madness, and let your young mind take over. Creating something, in particular, is not important, it is a chance to explore imagination, build confidence, manage emotions, and develop empathy. 🌟

We know this can be daunting at times, so we offer one or two activities as a way in to get you started. Each time we’ve welcomed children & young adults of all ages. We find teenagers get just as much out of it as toddlers & babes in arms. Hosted on a Saturday parents and carers love being able to bring all their children knowing they will each enjoy it and not have to spend lots of money. We always welcome feedback and suggestions.

Let’s Create uses the Playwork Principles as its core framework. 🎭

Every so often we will be making the session an extra special one with a guest creative. SO keep your googly eyes peeled for news by signing up to our newsletter and following our social media. 👀

What the creators’ carers have said… 🗣️

“Please don’t stop these sessions, I need it, there is nothing else to do at the weekend for my kids around here that is accessible, low-cost and fun for both of them!” 🙌

“A great space for my girls to explore messy play and to use their imaginations.” 🎨

“Really like the free nature of Let’s Create as it was all laid out easily to be accessible for the children.” 🌟

“Great to make a real mess and have so many materials to choose from. Tea and biscuits also very welcome.” ☕🍪

“My son has had a great time! (and so have I!) I love how we are reusing things that would otherwise been thrown away.” 🔄

“Love the range of materials and space to allow children to create freely – my little girl really enjoyed it.” 🌈

Wild Acres