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Wild Acres Summer Evening

Wild Acres Community Project is a vibrant, land based, sustainable community with shared values and ideas.

Nature’s profound impact on our well-being, both in the short and long term, is widely acknowledged. Wild Acres Community Project CIC emerged amidst the pandemic in the Severn Vale, providing a haven for local communities and beyond to engage actively in diverse land-based, eco-friendly activities.

This includes the growing of vegetables and other useful plants, conservation projects, recycling initiatives, art, craft and Healthy eating.

Our work is based on a strong set of shared values which are Honesty, integrity, truth, kindness, sharing passion, creativity, love, art and music. Where people feel safe, listened to, calm, welcome and warm. A community collective where people feel a sense of team, with friendships that reduce isolation. Putting the next generation first through respecting nature. Exploring ideas together, looking on the bright side and being supportive

Our Directors

Wild Acres Community Project has a team of five Directors who all bring different skills, lived experiences and plenty of passion to create an inspiring place to be. 

Vicky Boroughs

Vicky is a former Probation Officer, Trustee for Glos Rape and Sexual Abuse centre and Trade Union Regional Equalities’ officer. Now retired she is enjoying the benefits of being outside, also volunteering for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

Julie Close

Julie has a background in youth and community work, and voluntary sector leadership. She's keen to find ways of making Wild Acres a place where everyone can get involved to benefit from this great space and to understand where our food comes from.

Martin Conyers

Martin is a Horticulturist with wide experience of Community land-based projects. He has previously run a successful Landscaping business, worked at a senior level in the voluntary sector and for a local authority. Martin is also a keen cook and Wild Acres head chef!!

Amanda Griffiths

Amanda is an experienced Community Artist and teacher. She is recognised for her therapeutic approach, having worked in many different situations with a wide range of clients including offenders, youth, families and drug and alcohol users.

Georgie White Winter

Georgie is a passionate advocate for the future of young minds and a firm believer in unlocking their creative potential. With a diverse background spanning art galleries, creative charities, architecture, and university tutoring, Georgie understands first hand the transformative power of creativity in shaping young lives.

Wild Acres